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Yep, My Name Is Earl.

I'm an agency veteran with a passion for brands, integrated marketing, creative strategy, and all things digital. I'm seeking opportunities to lead businesses in unleashing their brand's potential, engaging their customers, and aligning it all with the with unique brand-centered experiences. 


Brands. I'm All About 'Em.

I consult with business clients to build more compelling brands and empower them to communicate it with authenticity and purpose. I then craft creative strategies and lead creative teams to develop brand visuals, messaging, stories, and customer engagements to create memorable brand experiences across all key media touch points.

Keep Scroo

Video. It's Brand's Best Friend. 

The combination of audio and video is one of the most powerful methods to share a great brand story, engage a viewer's emotions, or captivate their imaginations. Here's a short reel of some of the more memorable video projects I have had the pleasure to work on during my time at Dearing Group. Enjoy!

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