I'm Earl.


Professionally Speaking

As a creative director and veteran brand strategist, I've built my career on carefully crafting authentic brands based on a process of discovery, leadership, sound strategy and creative collaboration. Brands with souls, relevant messaging and compelling stories reflect the very passion of the visionaries and entrepreneurs who brought them into being. 

As a creative director,  I have 10 years of agency experience in recruiting, training, nurturing, and leading creative teams in the development of award-winning work across the following industries:

  • College/University
  • Healthcare
  • Financial
  • Technology/Biotech
  • Light Manufacturing

As a veteran brand strategist, I strongly believe that brands are all encompassing business assets that live at the very top echelons of an organization. They plumb the depth, span the breadth, and permeate every departmental nook and delivery cranny. They're organic, complex, and ultimately help drive every initiative. When well crafted and positioned, they ensure key messages are visible, promises are real, and values are clearly understood at all times.

Learn more about my Brand Leadership strategic brand development initiative here.

Personally Speaking

Abigail & Parker Borron

A "Hoosier" at heart, I grew up in the Big Ten college town of Lafayette/West Lafayette, Indiana — the home of Purdue University — where I also  earned my B.A. in Advertising Communications.

My wife, Abigail, and I have been married for almost 14 years, and we have a daughter, Parker, age 9. Abby is currently an assistant professor in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the University of Georgia. Consequently, our family is relatively new to Athens, Georgia.


Fast, Fun Facts:

  • Pets - I have a menagerie of pets, including a Boxer, two tiger kitties, and a Chinese Water Dragon.
  • Hobbies - I love music. Some might even call me a "connoisseur." I collect it, memorize it, research it for its history and pop-culture significance, and even host listening parties with like-minded friends. That said, my favorite style is late 70's and 80's hard rock and heavy metal with my favorite band being Blue Öyster Cult.
  • Passions - While some may steer away from religion, politics and philosophy in conversation and debate. I love it. There is always an opportunity to learn and be refined through multiple viewpoints. I play a decent devil's advocate, too.  Oh, yeah ... and I'm pretty passionate about beer (preferably German). 

Knowledge & Experience

I am an agency professional, specializing in creative direction, brand marketing and storytelling, strategy development, and agency operations and management.I have more than 15 years of experience in institutional business-to-consumer brand marketing within the Healthcarecollege/university, and financial industries.

I adamantly believe that brands are valuable business assets. They are organic, complex, and ultimately drive most every initiative within the organization. A strong, compelling brand ensures messages are visible, promises are real, and values are clearly understood at all times.

As co-developer of  the Brand Leadership Program, a brand development process, I believe that vibrant, successful brands are driven by the very top echelons of an organization downward throughout the entire organization. They are then pushed outward through all the key brand touch points to external audiences.


  • College/University Brand Experience:  15+ years of brand marketing experience working with higher education clients, namely the various colleges, departments, programs, and affiliate properties of Purdue University.
  • Healthcare Brand Experience: 15+ years of creating brand marketing and service line campaigns on behalf of hospitals, physician groups and practices, urgent care centers, and outpatient surgical centers.
  • Financial Brand Experience:  22+ years of financial industry of integrated brand marketing experience, promoting retail, mortgage, and commercial products and services at the brand, service line, and product level.
  • Agency Operations & Management:  10+ years recruiting, overseeing, and developing agency talent, consisting of graphic designers, web designers/developers/programmers, copywriters, and video/multimedia specialists.
  • Creative Direction:  10+ years leading creative teams in multimedia brand campaigns from creative strategy to concept development and through final execution.
  • Strategic Brand Marketing:  10+ years leading businesses in strategic branding initiatives, including discovery, positioning, architecture, customer journey, key messaging, story curation, naming, and visual ID.
  • Strategy Development:  10+ years experience developing strategy for client proposals, campaign creative, inbound marketing, and interactive/web applications.
  • Production Management:  10+ years of production and project management to ensure the highest levels of accountability, productivity, communication, and stewardship are maintained.
  • Writing & Editing:  15+ years writing strategic proposals, as well as writing/editing copy for traditional, video, and electronic media, including story curation and script development.
  • Visual Design:  10+ years of graphic design and art direction experience in developing brand visuals and client campaigns.
  • Client Services:  10+ years in providing new business development, account management, and client services, including client presentations and daily account oversight.

Education & Employment


Purdue University | West Lafayette, Ind.
B.A. in Communications / Advertising


employment History

January 2015 – Present

Earl Borron Creative Brand Marketing | Athens, Ga.     
Brand/Marketing Consultant

As a freelance brand and marketing consultant, I lead clients to build more compelling brands and empower them to communicate it with authenticity and purpose. I craft creative strategies and leads creative teams to develop brand visuals, messaging, stories, and customer engagements to create memorable brand experiences across all key media touch points.


2004 – Dec. 2014

Dearing Group | West Lafayette, Ind.     
Vice President & Creative Director

As vice president and creative director, I was responsible for creative direction, brand development, digital engagement, and agency operations/management at Dearing Group, a full-service marketing, brand, and advertising agency in West Lafayette, Indiana
(formally known as HM+C).

As a seasoned creative, brand, and marketing professional, I led creative teams through hundreds of campaigns and marketing projects that have resulted in numerous creative and industry-specific awards on behalf of the agency’s higher education, 
healthcare, and financial industry.

After more than 15 years of service and leadership, I stepped down from this position at Dearing Group in December, 2014 to facilitate my wife’s new faculty position at the University of Georgia and embark on a new career journey to Athens, Georgia.


Awards (2009-13)

  • (4) Best of Show
  • (1) Mosaic Award
  • (10) Gold Award
  • (11) Silver Award

Software Proficiency

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Microsoft Office
  • Squarespace
  • Clients & Profits
  • Basecamp