Great Brands Live At The Very Top

As a creative director and veteran brand brand strategist, I've observed a few key truths about building brands over the last 15 year.  One of the more fundamental being that the most vibrant and successful brands are conceived at, and driven by the uppermost echelons of leadership. In short, when it comes to brand leadership, it's the business owners and senior leadership who must be the primary stakeholders. 

Introducing Executive Brand Leadership

Executive Brand Leadership (EBL) is a strategic brand development initiative I developed  to empower business owners and executive management teams to drive and steer their brands from the very top of the organization down and from deep inside of the organization outward to key audiences.

From a business standpoint, Executive Brand Leadership simply makes the best business sense for the following reasons:

  • Brands are business assets: Brands are strategic, highly valuable business assets that build value and equity over time. They make cash registers ring and fuel customer engagement, while helpng increase satisfaction, sales, repeat business and referrals — all of which impact the bottom line.
  • Brands are foundational: Corporate brands often embody the very DNA, vision or passion of their founders, owners and senior executives. Though organic and constantly evolving, brands naturally trickle down from the top and spread throughout the organization.
  • Brands are all-encompassingOnly executive leadership has the level of input and access to drive and steer brands deep within the organization, touching all key points of delivery, such as human resources, marketing/public relations, product development, brick-and-mortar, customer service, etc.

In a nutshell, Executive Brand Leadership empowers organizational leaders, decision makers and management teams to discover and define the brand, then drive and steer it throughout the organization.

Learn more about my Executive Brand Leadership program here.