Real People. Real Stories.

Franciscan St. Elizabeth Health

This award-winning, multimedia campaign was a brand initiative I led to position Franciscan St. Elizabeth Health squarely against IU Health, a larger competing hospital network and newcomer to the market.

Though both hospitals seemingly offered the same things — new state-of-art-facilities, top doctors and staff, and cutting-edge technology — we decided to leverage FSEH 130+ year heritage of caring for more than 5 generations of local residents, their families, and their community — utilizing actual community members/patients to tell their individual stories in their own words. 

Creative Team

My creative team at the time included the following talented individuals:

Campaign elements

  • Environmental hospital branding
  • Web stories / web photo galleries
  • Micro site at
  • Print
  • Broadcast
  • Radio
  • Outdoor
  • Web story videos

Broadcast Television

As part of our strategy, we produced several broadcast television spots of patient
stories to push viewers towards more robust stories and content featured on a social sharing,
campaign micro site at


Web stories

Complimenting, more comprehensive web stories were produced for each patient, allowing them to share intimate and sometimes emotional stories of triumph, perseverance, and return to the life they love. Each story was featured on a social sharing campaign micro site at

Meet Bev — A survivor with strength to share.

Cancer has stolen many things from Bev, but she refuses to let the disease conquer her. And with help from the Marie Canine Cancer Center, this Crawfordsville woman bravely defines her struggle with breast cancer not by what it has taken, but what it has given her.

Meet Andrea  — A mother of four in mere minutes.

When envisioning country estates, you probably see something like the expansive home outside New Richmond that Andrea shares with her husband, Brian, and her 3-year-old son Christian. After Andrea and Brian decided to add to their family in 2009, they learned she was carrying triplets.

Meet Frank  — A photographer with faith at heart.

As a military reserve medic, Frank instantly recognized he'd had an angina attack in November 2011 - a sudden, squeezing chest pain radiating into his jaw and shoulders. What this husband and father of five never saw coming was the emergency double bypass he'd need less than 48 hours later.

Meet Denny — A man who refused to give up.

In just five weeks, esophageal cancer whittled this 57-year-old Crawfordsville man down to 106 pounds. Then, pneumonia and malfunctioning kidneys prompted talk of hospice care for this husband, stepfather and granddad. Denny was prepared to die. Dr. Stephen Schultz and the Marie Canine Cancer Center prepared him to fight and deliver the knockout blow to his cancer.



This supporting print, like broadcast, was developed to push readers to richer, more robust content that was featured on a social sharing micro site at